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Dorian Santner

My name is Dorian Santner,
this is my private website.

The computer as a universal tool fascinates me. I am a professional user in a wide range of applications.

I manage software projects, develop software and advise independently of products and manufacturers.



digital craftsmanship

I have been using computers in my daily work for over 30 years.
Wherever possible, I use free software that allows the creation of license-free solutions.  
Please also visit my professional website.


Every software project needs good specifications.
This includes data models, user interface designs and the necessary processes.

I create specifications or support teams in doing so.

software development

I develop software in the web environment, preferably in small but fine teams.

I use Python and Go on the server side. Ideally, Svelte or HTMX should be used on the front end.


Complex data structures are my passion.
Analyzing and modeling these is part of my core business.

I process data for information.


The easiest way to recognize connections is visually.

I like to visualize - not just data, as the background imagee of this page show.



Meeting people

Comfortably sitting together and chatting with interesting people is probably the best thing ever!
That's why I'm a founding member of three user group meetings in Graz.
We meet monthly - if you're interested, drop by!

Python Usergroup Graz

The Graz Python Usergroup meets once a month.

PyGraz.org   Meetup  

Blender Usergroup Graz

The Graz Blender Usergroup meets once a month.

Blender Users Graz im Spektral   Meetup  

Go Language Usergroup

The Go-Language Usergroup meets once a month.

GoGraz.org   Meetup  










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Dorian Santner
GrĂ¼ne Gasse 19b - Top 47
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Phone.: +43/ (0)676 / 64 65 161
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Dorian Santner